Fiber Variety Part 2

Fiber Variety Part 2

Besides supplying omega-3 fats, flax seed also contains lignans, fibers that promote healthy hormone balance and may fight colon cancer development.

Given all the functions fulfilled by the various types of fiber, it’s not surprising that high fiber intake has been linked to reduced disease risk. For example, one large study found an association between fiber consumption and reductions in the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

Fiber and Friends

Fiber’s benefits explain why it plays a key role in helping the body rid itself of noxious substances.

“Colon cleansing is among the most important parts of detoxification. The large intestine releases many toxins, and sluggish functioning of this organ can rapidly produce general toxicity,” says Elson Haas, MD, author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition (Celestial Arts). Calcium and magnesium also support colon health, including promotion of proper neuromuscular function within the digestive tract.

An algae called Algas calcareas provides these minerals in an absorbable form.

As crucial a role as a clean colon plays in detoxification, however, a complete cleanse requires addressing all of the body’s detoxification channels.

That’s why fiber works best for cleansing when combined with herbs that support organs such as the liver, the body’s main chemical processing plant, and gastrointestinal gateways such as the cardiac sphincter, which keeps stomach contents from backing up into the esophagus. Using organic herbs for this purpose lets the cleanse work more thoroughly, without introducing additional toxins into the body.

Looking to get more fiber into your diet? That’s a great idea—as is using a blend of fibers to promote internal cleansing.

This article is courtesy of Energy Times magazine.

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