Fiber Variety Part 1

Fiber Variety Part 1

What could be more straightforward than the idea of consuming more dietary fiber?

Most Americans don’t get enough of either bowel-regulating insoluble fiber or the cholesterol-controlling soluble type, so health authorities have been telling us for years to eat additional helpings of fiberous foods such as whole grains and fresh produce.

As it turns out, fiber isn’t as simple as we once thought. Different types of fiber have been found to provide distinct benefits, including the ability to enhance a cleansing routine.

High Fiber, Good Health

The term “fiber” covers a number of compounds. Some are viscous, forming gels that delay stomach emptying (which promotes a sense of fullness) and help to lower cholesterol. Others are fermentable, supporting healthy probiotic bacteria found in the intestinal tract and producing fuel for cells in the intestinal lining. Other fibers supply bulk to maintain bowel regularity.

Different types of fiber come from various sources.

Prunes, either whole or in supplemental powder form, are famed for their ability to fight constipation; they aren’t as well-known for their stores of vitamin K and antioxidants. Acacia gum helps normalize bowel function and has been linked to better blood sugar control and improved probiotic function, as well as providing protection against bleeding caused by NSAID use (Pharmacognosy Research 4-6/11). Oat bran contains beta-glucan, which helps keep cholesterol and blood sugar in check; studies indicate it may also work with calcium to reduce levels of inflammatory substances within the intestines (Journal of Nutrition 4/12).

This article is courtesy of Energy Times magazine.

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