Ethical Keto Part 2

Ethical Keto Part 2

Other MCT Advantages

Researchers have found additional reasons to make MCT oil a part of your diet.

For one thing, ketones provide ready fuel for brain cells. This has led scientists to study whether MCT may play a role in promoting brain health. Results have been promising: In one study, published in the journal Neuroscience Letters, Alzheimer’s patients who took MCT showed cognitive benefits.

MCT also appears to help maintain proper lipid control. One study found that MCT oil was able to reduce cholesterol and body weight; in another investigation, MCT increased levels of “good,” heart-protective HDL cholesterol. And evidence suggests that MCT may benefit people with diabetes, another significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Avoiding Exploitation

There are different types of MCT oil based on the length of their carbon chains; a quality product will be concentrated in the C10 to C12 range. However, there’s an even more important reason to be careful about your choice of MCT.

Sadly, some products come from sources that are harmful to the environment and the human cultures in which the trees are raised; others come from suppliers that don’t pay their workers a reasonable wage. So it’s crucial to look for a product that is fairly and ethically sourced, with no exploitation of the land or the people involved.

Looking for help with your low-carb diet? Cleanly produced MCT oil can help you feel good about employing this key keto booster.

This article is courtesy of Energy Times Magazine August/September 2019 issue.

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