The Amazing New Adventures of Super Q Part 1

The Amazing New Adventures of Super Q  Part 1

An ailing heart need not fear— CoQ10 is here! follow the exploits of this super nutrient as it takes on the evil cardio trio of energy loss, cholesterol and inflammation!

The League of Vitamin Superheroes formed to fight criminal pathogens and uphold health justice within the body. Each vitamin superhero, given a secret code name and snazzy costume, was deployed to fulfill its own special health-supporting mission. But one superhero shunned this league and vowed to fight disease as a lone renegade. Dressed in blue with a bold red “Q,” our hero set off to support health in many ways. Its secret mission: to protect the heart with all its might. Is this superhero a drug? No. Is it a vitamin? No! It’s…SUPER Q!

CoQ10 is also known by the aliases coenzyme Q10 and ubiquinone, and as the latter signifies, CoQ10 is ubiquitous, present in nearly every cell in the body. This pervasiveness contributes to CoQ10’s impressive list of benefits. Dr. Gary Gordon, author of The Omega 3 Miracle (Freedom Press), enthusiastically proclaims: “There isn’t any condition that we would call an acute infection, chronic infection or degenerative condition that CoQ10 doesn’t help.”

CoQ10 has been shown to benefit sufferers of HIV/AIDS, Hunting­ton’s disease, migraine headaches, muscular dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, periodontal disease and more. Most famously, CoQ10 has demonstrated benefits in treating and preventing cardiovascular diseases and conditions, including congestive heart failure, angina (heart pain caused by blocked blood vessels), atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries caused by cholesterol deposits) and high blood pressure.

Research verifies that Super Q helps the heart. In one 1994 study led by cardiologist and researcherDr. Peter Langsjoen, 424 patients with six types of cardiac disease treated with CoQ10 experienced improved heart function, better quality of life and decreased reliance on drugs.

A 1998 study published in Cardio­vascular Drugs and Therapy found that CoQ10 helps patients suffering heart attacks. In this study, pain was alleviated, left ventricle function (which sends blood throughout the body) was enhanced and arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) reduced in the people who got CoQ10, compared with those who received placebos. In addition, the CoQ10 group experienced significantly fewer cardiac failure deaths and nonfatal heart attacks. In the Italian Multicenter Study, the largest CoQ10 study to date, nearly 2,500 heart failure patients were given 50 to 150 mg CoQ10 daily for three months. A remarkable 80% of the patients enjoyed some type of improvement.

Overall, around 40 well-designed studies show that CoQ10 has tremendous potential as a complementary cardiovascular treatment, with no apparent side effects or toxicity. What accounts for CoQ10’s cardio superpowers? The explanation lies in three main areas: energy production, antioxidant activity and immune system support.

This article is for information only. Do not make any changes in your diet or lifestyle without first consulting with your preventive healthcare provider. As always, we continue to pray for your health and prosperity, 3 John 2, blessings, Donna

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