Sweet Temptation Part 2: The Herbs

Sweet Temptation Part 2: The Herbs

Herbal Help

Of course, the keto diet works best in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and stress relief. In addition, many herbs, and the compounds found in them, have considerable track records in helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. (Such herbs should always be used under a practitioner’s guidance if you have a pre-existing condition, especially if you take prescription medication.)

One example is berberine, a compound found in several herbs long used by practioners of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been found to activate an enzyme within cells called AMPK, which functions as a master switch that controls cellular metabolism. In a number of studies, berberine has shown an ability to lower blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance in addition to fighting inflammation and increasing the number of healthful probiotic microbes in the digestive tract.

Other herbs also help keep blood sugar in balance. They include cinnamon (especially the Ceylon variety), which curbs the rate at which blood sugar rises after meals and helps the body better respond to insulin; banaba, which contains a glucose regulator called corosolic acid; garcinia, an Indian herb traditionally used to control appetite and improve digestion; and gymnema, known in Hindi as “destroyer of sugar,” which promotes healthy insulin production.

Cravings don’t have to trip you up when you’re going keto. Herbal remedies can help your blood sugar levels stay on an even keel.

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