The Power of Hemp Part 4

The Power of Hemp Part 4
Building Bone and Other Hemp Benefits
Pain relief and promoting a sense of calm are hemp’s best-known qualities. But because cells throughout the body respond to phytocannabinoids, hemp supplements can reinforce well-being in a number of ways.
One of the most promising uses of hemp lies in its ability to support a healthy skeleton; scientists have found cannabinoid receptors in bone tissue. “A healthy, functioning ECS has its presence in bone, as our endocannabinoids control the cells that build up bone and those that break down bone,” states Germano. “In both animals and humans, the ECS plays a critical role in bone health, which paves the way for phytocannabinoids to help combat osteoporosis.”
Skin health can also benefit from hemp. There are more endocannabinoids in the skin—where they help control cell proliferation and differentiation—than there are in the brain. Disruptions in these processes are related to conditions such as seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis and acne, as well as with age spot development.
Good health starts in the digestive tract, and one report has described the ECS’s effects on the digestive system as a “major player in human health and disease.” The ECS helps control gut motility, or the rate at which food moves through the digestive tract, and works with what is referred to as the gut-brain axis, the connection between neurons in the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. This explains why scientists are looking at hemp phytocannabinoids to help ease symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome, such as inflammation, bloating and pain, and to help curb appetite, especially for the kinds of high-fat, high-sugar foods that promote excessive weight gain.
Science is only scratching the surface of hemp’s potential. “The best way to feed and nourish the ECS is with hemp oil extract rich in phytocannabinoids,” says Germano. “In a way, they act as a multivitamin for the ECS.”
Article courtesy of Energy Times magazine March/April 2018 issue. Please visit our website for more information on this and other great health topics. Remember this article is for information only. Do not make any changes in your diet or lifestyle without first consulting with your preventive health care provider. We always pray for your prosperity and health, 3 John 2, blessings, Donna.

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