Why Fiber Part 1

Why Fiber Part 1
Fiber is known too many to be an important part of our diet. However, it is seemingly very difficult to obtain from the standard diet. Today I’ll do my best to convince you again why you want this crucial ingredient to be a part of your daily dietary habits.
Fiber plays a unique role in the digestive process. Ironically enough, the reason it does is because it is NOT digestible. Fiber enters your colon and is then transformed by the bacteria that lives there. Naturally occurring fibers are plant derived and are either soluble or insoluble. Insoluble fiber adds “bulk” to the stool and soluble draws in water and moistens it.
Fiber is key for the landscape of our gut remaining healthy. The organisms in your gut contain 100 times more genes than what is found in the rest of your body. Some advances in gut research have shown that a better way to view fiber is fermentable and non-fermentable. For example, fructooligosaccharides are a type of fermentable fiber found in bananas, onions, asparagus, and Jerusalem artichokes. Fermentable fibers are sometimes more commonly known as “prebiotics” because they are food for the good bacteria inside your colon. They shift the overall composition and provide many healthy benefits like reducing obesity and inflammation, lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar, reducing risk of osteoporosis and colon cancer, improving mood and supporting the immune system.
Typical Americans eat ~15 grams of fiber a day. According to the Institute of Medicine women should eat 25 grams and men should eat 38.  Many health care providers consider these minimum, but not optimal for patients.
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As always, do not make any changes in your diet or lifestyle without first consulting with your preventive healthcare provider. We pray for your health and prosperity, 3 John 2, blessings, Donna.

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